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Individual Coaching

Designed for individuals who wish to have a one to one coaching session with the trainer and with the added benefit of tailor made materials, this format is ideal for those preparing for an upcoming presentation as the trainer will guide the participant through the entire presentation process from start to finish. These one to one sessions are also ideal for managers or anyone eager to bring their skills up to a high level as quickly as possible. The sessions are typically delivered in full day formats and can be 1-5 days or longer as required.

Name of Course: Presentation Skills Coaching Where: Belgická 42, Prague 2 Duration: One, one-day module or more as per client request

This training is essential for any of those required to improve their personal presentation skills and/or requiring coaching (1-1 or 2-1) for a specific presentation.  If desired, a pre-course package of instructional materials is sent to the participant to allow him or her to come to the course with presentations prepared so that the time in the training room can be spent on rehearsing and fine-tuning the presentation including content and structure, physical movement while presenting, eye contact and body language, dealing with detractors, responding to questions, learning to constantly ‚read‘ the audience and adjust accordingly, to tailor the presentation to the audience, and to always be the person in charge.

Name of Course: Negotiating, Meeting & Communication Skills Workshop Where: Belgická 42, Prague 2 Duration: ten-day module

An essential series of training for those using English as the language of negotiation and meetings at a local, EU or international level. Participants will acquire the art of diplomatic English while at the same time clearly stating their position and maintaining their composure, mastering non-verbal communication, voice projection, enunciation and intonation when speaking. As much as possible actual workplace negotiations will be used during the training. Furthermore, reporting on meetings and negotiations to management will be an essential component to the training.