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Kelly & Associates s.r.o. was established in Prague, Czech Republic in 2001  in response to the demand for custom-made training programmes and courses designed to address the broad range of skills required by working professionals.  We strive to make a difference by providing a unique style of training that leaves participants highly satisfied as we use an integrated skills‘ approach encompassing corporate language, soft skills and oral and written communication in each course.   Working professionals use a combination of these skills each day so our philosophy is to apply the same to our training content, thus helping clients‘ performance improve.

Kelly & Associates is Canadian-owned and while based in the heart of Europe delivers training to clients throughout Europe.  We are proud to have many repeat clients and provide training across industries to companies, individuals, corporations, commercial banks, central banks, the ESCB, EU institutions, and Embassies.

Our trainers are highly qualified native speakers of English primarily from North America and the United Kingdom, each possessing a strong business, banking, finance and/or human resource background. We have designed and delivered more than eighty custom-made courses and our broad portfolio addresses clients’ specifications and work-specific needs.

Kelly & Associates is a leading provider of dynamic and innovative training programmes, focusing on the needs of an ever-changing and increasingly competitive market.

Austin Kam Chee

Austin Kam Chee is American and brings over twenty-five years experience in the U.S. banking industry to the Kelly & Associates training staff. He has worked in commercial lending and operations, client servicing, banking administration and planning, and wealth management. His areas of specialty include being a banker to the securities and investment banking industry and to ultra-high net worth clients. He also has a graduate degree in the Education field and has taught in an American public school system.

Krystina Brice

Krystina has a strong banking, finance and accounting background having worked for the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation. Krysti provided merger and acquisition, financial advisory and privatization services to clients participating in European markets, particularly in the Czech Republic. In recent years Krysti has worked as a trainer, delivering a wide range of courses in an intensive and interactive format to our professional clients.

Sarah Ackroyd

With more than twenty years’ experience in the EFL industry, both as a teacher and as a writer, Sarah Ackroyd is now based in the UK where she works on a freelance basis for educational publishers. She has been working with Kelly & Associates for a number of years, providing intensive Grammar Workshops and exam preparation for the Cambridge FCE and CAE exams.

Mary Fischer

Mary Fischer has a background that combines international affairs, business and training. She has worked extensively in the US and Central Europe where her fluency in several languages enables her to bring an added dimension to training she provides.

Judy MacPherson

Having spent most of her working career as a Risk Manager, Judy MacPherson is a valuable contributor to Kelly & Associates. As an active member of the business community, she is able to advise Kelly & Associates of trends and general practices being used throughout the corporate world which can then be taken into the training room.

Sharon Auerbach

Sharon Auerbach has worked as a business English trainer in Europe for several years. She also has experience in the areas of banking and finance and in 2002 carried out a special pilot project for Kelly & Associates for Call Centers in the Czech commercial banking sector.

Charlotte Sommer

Charlotte Sommer has a strong business and managerial background. She has worked both in Central America and Europe where she developed and facilitated training programmes for corporate clients. For the past several years she has provided training for Kelly & Associates’ banking, finance and business clients.

Sandra Kelly

Sandra Kelly has a strong educational background with extensive experience in the development of business and banking training programmes. She is one of the course writers for Kelly & Associates and has a strong commitment to materials design, research and publishing.